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Travel Tips


Mosques and Temples are not always open to foreigners or women. Dress codes for religious places can include covering your head, being barefoot, etc. If traveling in scorching summer heat, remember to drink enough water and use Sunglasses and a wide rimmed hat. Photography is not always permissible and at many places is permitted only at a fee. There is usually a higher fee for video cameras. Museums and monuments are usually closed one day in a week.


We endeavor to instruct car drivers to "avoid" taking you to shopping joints unless you expressedly desire. If you find that your driver is "suggesting" this and you do not wish it, please tell him. Incase he persists, please call our office.


Indian traffic rules are usually "esoteric"! Tourist car drivers are usually the best in India adapting to the chaotic conditions. You will often see your driver flout rules. He is forced to because of everyone else doing the same and him having to adapt. There is also a need and tendency to rely on the horn, with truck drivers painting "horn please" on their bumpers! Red lights at light traffic spots in small cities are not always adhered to. Cows, camels and elephants may be in the next lane. Everything works because of the slow speeds.


Change money at your hotel rather than at the airport preferably. Count your money very carefully if changing outside of a five star hotel. Money changing out side of the major cities on your trip may be unavailable/ uneconomical. Take an Encashment Certificate or your ATM cash slip: which will allow you to change back Rupees to Dollars/Sterling. AIRPORT DEPARTURE TAXES are usually included in your ticket. However do be prepared to either have some Indian Rupees (up to INR 500) or reconvert foreign exchange if you require to.


Typhoid vaccination, Polio booster and anti-Tetanus are advisable before coming to India. No vaccinations are essential for foreign tourists entering India, except Yellow Fever vaccination for tourists coming from African or South American countries. Tourists are requested to get themselves vaccinated against Hepatitis - B & C. If you have a weak stomach, stick to mineral water, bottled drinks, coffee, tea, beer or wine during meals. Tap water is not always chlorinated. Bring your own medicines, as all medicines in India are locally manufactured and you may not find the same brand names. (The chemist can always advise you, however, on the best substitute.) There are good doctors and chemist shops (also called Pharmacies) every where. Ask YOUR HOTEL TO RECOMMEND A DOCTOR IF EVER YOU NEED ONE since most of the good Indian hotels have the facility i.e. “DOCTOR ON CALL”.